A man taking screenshots from different apps.

Do more with your screenshots

Create lists and share ideas in seconds

Typing notes takes forever?

Screenshot anything to bookmark it instantly

From art references to tweets, PicoJar brings all your inspiration to one place without having to open another app.

Lost in photo album?

Sort your screenshots into Jars to stay organized

Review your screenshots regularly and sort them into Jars so you can find them when you need them.

Research together?

Grow ideas with others using Shared Jars

Invite family and friends to join your Jar to start a group research.

Time for action?

Bring your Jars to the big screen

Sync your Jars to our secure cloud so you can revisit your ideas on any device.

Feeling inspired?

Create a public link to inspire others

Anyone can be a knowledge influencer - even if you are not a good writer. It’s the idea that matters, not the format.

Who can see my Jars?

No advertisers, no Facebook. We don’t sell data.

Your Shared Jars can be seen by people who have the link. Your private Jars will always be private.